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the best pain scale ive ever seen for chronic pain #Repost from @jennjenn129 with @repostapp #chronicpain #rsd #crps

Helpful activity scale both for talking to practitioners and gauging your own progress.

I’m 30!!!!

Fuck. I thought I was doing better but yeah I’m at a 40. I I’m out much longer I get a migraine or otherwise ill most times :/

This is like… too real. How am I supposed to bullshit myself now??

(no but seriously this is amazing).

[image description: A table, by jennjenn129. There is an icon of a bald girl and a tumblr reblog symbol by her username.]

Table contents:
100 - Fully recovered. Normal activity level with no symptoms.
90 - Normal activity level with mild symptoms at times.
80 - Near normal activity level with some symptoms.
70 - Able to work full time but with difficulty. Mostly mild symptoms.
60 - Able to do about 6-7 hours of work a day. Mostly mild to moderate symptoms.
50 - Able to do about 4-5 hours a day of work or similar activity at home. Daily rests required. Symptoms mostly moderate.
40 - Able to leave house every day. Moderate symptoms on average. Able to do about 3-4 hours a day of work or activity like housework, shopping, using computer.
30 - Able to leave house several times a week. Moderate to severe symptoms much of the time. Able to do about 2 hours a day of work at home or activity like housework, shopping, using computer.
20 - Able to leave house once or twice a week. Moderate to severe symptoms. Able to concentrate for 1 hour or less per day.
10 - Mostly bedridden. Severe symptoms.
0 - Bedridden constantly. Unable to care for self.

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    Holy shit, I’m working between a 40-50 every day. I thought that was normal for most people? Fuck.
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    Wow. This is incredible. An actually useful pain scale??? (For those wondering: a “good week” is a 50 for me and a bad...
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    I range from 20-40 and that’s terrifying.
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