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This tiny winter soldier was smiling and laughing and asking my friend questions about art she’d bought, but the moment I asked her and her dad if I could get a picture she immediately snapped into this pose. BEST CHILD EVER.


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I *need* this friendship to happen in Cap 3. 


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Gotta slide off and pretend nothing happened, like walking into a pole on the sidewalk.

I hit the guilt wall every time. 

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i would get married in this. more @ 

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How about no? Queer characters are humans. Humans die. That’s like me saying “Don’t kill black or Hispanic characters because I’m black and Hispanic or because they’re black and hispanic”. Characters die. It sucks.

Yes, it does suck. Because representation of minority groups matters. When queer characters are consistently used to prop up straight leads and killed off to give their straight counter-parts angsty storylines, it is a problem.

And yes, it is actually very much like saying “don’t kill black or Latin@ characters.” Because those groups also suffer from issues of representation.

It’s not that queer characters should never ever die. It’s that we haven’t yet reached a point where that one queer character’s death (and it’s not just one) is incidental because there are so many other queer characters on the screen.

Shows like Orange is the New Black, Sleepy Hollow, How to Get Away with Murder, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine all have multiple POC in lead roles. But there is much further to go.

Stephanie Beatriz (who plays Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine) wrote about how she was shocked to even get the role because a Latina actress (Melissa Fumero who plays Amy Santiago) had already been cast. How messed up is that?

LGBTQ+ representation is arguably even worse. In fact, the only show I can think of that is currently on air that has more than one main queer character is Orange is the New Black. (Correct me if I’m wrong. Please.) And bisexual characters are even rarer than gay & lesbian characters. Not to mention the bisexual erasure that happens, when a character who has previously had feelings-for-or-relationships-with people of one gender, begins to have feelings-for-or-a-relationship-with someone of another gender, and is declared to have “become” gay without even acknowledging the possibility that their sexuality is more fluid than that. (Willow “gay now” Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Ramona “it was just a phase” Flowers from Scott Pilgrim both spring to mind.)

GLAAD in their Hollywood survey pointed out “that studios seemed ‘reluctant’ to include LGBT characters in comic book adaptations and action franchises" in particular. Hmm.

On Agents of SHIELD, we had two in-charge, incredible, fierce lesbian agents who were both killed off for shock value & possibly Hunter’s angst, who weren’t even given the screen time to establish their sexualities or relationship.

On Arrow, we had a kick-ass, powerful, inspiring, bisexual hero who was literally thrown away in the garbage to further Oliver’s angst and to fuel Laurel’s evolution into Black Canary.


ALLLLLLL OF THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Also let’s not forget that Black Canary explicitly was not labeled bisexual because the writers and producers "really wanted to approach it like not be salacious, and be sensitive, and be realistic."

“‘studios seemed ‘reluctant’ to include LGBT characters in comic book adaptations and action franchises’ in particular.”

what the ever loving FUCK

let’s not forget how, out of hundreds of canon marvel characters, agents of shield chose victoria hand and isabelle hartley, two members of a lesbian relationship, when they needed characters to fill the role of “strong, capable woman who will soon be fridged” and so as not to be known as that show that offed two lesbians, they flat-out erased their sexuality!

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